As we approach Thanksgiving season, there’s much talk of poultry, from the traditionally pardoned presidential turkey to the migration of Canada Geese to the ever trendy and and labor-intensive turducken to that excellent low-cholesterol portmanteau, torfurkey.

I was checking on my site today when I suddenly noticed something terribly wrong with the header graphic. I’ve fixed it since, and the headers rotate so you might not see this one above, so here’s a bit of it below – do you see the problem?


Look closely at the bird. That’s not a duck up there. It’s a goose.  Impostor!  This isn’t – how could this have happened, you ask? Well, it goes back to the migration to WordPress when I decided to bust out my 1337 Photoshop ski11z and create some new headers. Being a city boy, I chose not to wrangle an actual duck onto the flatbed scanner, and instead found the convenient custom shape tool palette…


…and promptly fat-fingered the choice between duck (left) and goose (right) and never looked back. Here’s the re-worked header with a proper duck silhouette:


I’ve worked on it further since, and if you don’t see it up top, reload a couple of times and you should see the proper poultry pixels atop the page. As Cibo Matto said, you got to know your chicken.